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Father of 2…and not stressed


It may seem like nonsense but it’s true. Now being a stay at home father of two, I find it weird that I’m not stressed….I’m exhausted but not stressed. Definitely not as stressed as I was with my first born. I remember going crazy with my first girl. There were times that I was really stressed out and needed a break. I guess it’s because I’ve been through so much the first time around so I’m ready for anything.  Even though it may be a bit overwhelming (and it does get overwhelming), it doesn’t stress me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stressed about other things…like will I lose the baby weight (YES Guys gain weight too!). Of course it’s exhausting having two kids under 2. Going back to nighttime feedings is never fun.  But I take it all in stride.

The other day I was putting my oldest to sleep and was thinking of how much I enjoy those moments. I think as a parent its easy to fall into the procedural way of parenting. Making sure they eat, sleep, are clean, and don’t get hurt. It becomes too mechanical. Having a newborn really changes the way you see your first born. I never realized how much my first has grown till I held my newborn. It’s one of those moments where you realize how much time has passed and how much you actually went through in such a short time.  With all that, I’ve learned to enjoy each moment I have with each child.  I’ve learned to laugh at some situations where others would get mad.

A good example is when the oldest tries to “help out”.  If the baby is crying, her sister will go up to her and shove the pacifier in her face.  Most parents would yell or get angry…not me.  I just laugh. She also tries to yank the pacifier out of her sister’s mouth, which I find equally hilarious. OR when we are in the car and one starts crying, which sets off the other and have a car full of crying babies. We ask ourselves “are we in one of those cliché family movies where the ‘new’ parents go crazy?”….and we literally burst out in laughter. OR when our almost 2 years old very clearly says “oh shit”. How do you not laugh at that?

I live for these moments. I have fun with parenting. It really helps that I’ve obviously been through it before so I know not to get worried about certain things that babies do.   So instead of worrying, I try to remember each moment knowing that it’s the only time they will happen. I can’t hold my baby to sleep forever…I mean, holding a teenager while she sleeps is not going to happen, it’s also bad on the back. So I enjoy it, instead of getting stressed. I hold it in my memory bank for a later time….when I get to embarrass them. How great is it going to be when I get to tell my daughter “I remember when you were a baby and as soon as I took off your diaper you sprayed crap all over me…and all I can say is ‘OH DEAR GOD!’” It would be an even better story to tell in front of her would be boyfriend.


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