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You can call me ArtisticWC, it’s the cool nickname I came up with. Or you can call me Wes, half of my full name (my father hates when I shorten it). My daughter calls me Dadda, but she also says that to the wall. My wife calls me Monkeyface, never was sure if it was a sign of endearment or reference to my “Monkey-like” face. I’m one of the few Stay-At-Home Fathers around. I also happen to be an independent filmmaker. I have a one year old daughter, and another on the way. This blog is to express my experiences and views of juggling the life of a Stay-At-Home Father, Husband, and Filmmaker. I hope some of my experiences/mistakes/successes can help other fathers/parents on the adventure of parenting.
Follow me on Twitter (@artisticwc) for quick random thoughts that come to me during my daily life and updates on when new blogs will be out. On to the show!

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