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“The Missing Note” Director’s Statement


I just wanted to share the “Director’s Statement” I wrote for my short documentary “The Missing Note”. This project was very personal for me and I hope you can understand why I made this film after reading my statement. Hope you enjoy:
Everyone wants their film to be accepted into festivals and receive all of the rewards that comes with it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want that for myself…but when I was making this film none of that crossed my mind.  When I became a parent, I started looking at the world around me. Well not really the world, more like my surroundings. As a stay-at-home parent I couldn’t help but think of what kind of life my children will grow up with. I reflected on my own up-bringing and what has had an effect on my life. Arts/music education has always had a profound effect on what makes me who I am. Not because I’m an artist or filmmaker, but because it helped to give me a deeper educational experience. With the state of education today, I’m not sure my kids will have that meaningful education like I did. That’s why I made this film.

It’s no secret that our economy is in bad shape. Across our nation, schools are trying to solve their deficit problems by any means. Here in Chicago, things are especially dire. There is a war, of sorts, between the Chicago Public Schools and the teacher’s union. The board of education is looking at a deficit of more than 600 million dollars. The Chicago Teacher’s Union is trying to ensure, among other things, pay increases for their teachers. There is a stalemate and no one is budging. We are literally weeks, maybe days, away from teachers going on strike. The situation is as bad as they come. During this back and forth where do you think our children’s quality of education falls on the priority list? Classes are being cut left and right and arts/music education is on the top of the list. Are we really trying to preserve our children’s quality education? It’s not about politics. It’s not about which school deserves it more. It’s not about pay increases. It’s about quality education.

I want my children to have the same quality (if not better) education than I did; which includes the arts. So I made this film to turn attention on the real problem: Our children are losing part of their education. We cannot put every child in a box and assume they all respond to the “core academics”. What about those children who excel in other areas because of their arts education? What happens if you take arts away from those students? Education is important. Arts education is important. I hope my film helps you to feel the same way.

“The Missing Note”

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