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May the Force Be With You


This is hard for me to admit but I might be a Jedi. Hear me out (or read me out). Obi Wan did the hand wave in front of people to get what he wanted. Luke Skywalker did the hand wave successfully too. Well if the Force is strong in me then I figured that I can do it too.  What better way to test it than with a crying baby. Wave the hand. Say “You are going to stop crying”. She stops. Sounds easy. Well apparently my daughter didn’t get the memo explaining my Jediness because it didn’t work. Or maybe she already turned to the Dark Side…

The baby books say if I’m tense then the baby will be tense. If I’m relaxed, the baby will be relaxed. Doesn’t that sound like the Force? Well my experiment didn’t work but I might still have an inner Jedi. Babies are probably the most over dramatic, emotional, and stubborn people on the planet. Wouldn’t it be nice to wave your hand and they stop crying or do what you say? Believe it or not, it can be done. Maybe not the waving of the hand but the books were on to something.

Your energy transfers to your baby. Mother or Father, doesn’t matter. Whoever they trust will have a bond that transfers your energy to them.  So your emotional state will influence the way the baby is acting. I’ll give an example. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty laid back and easy going….my wife? Not so much. (Love you Sweetie) She has a lower threshold for patience with our child. One day the baby was giving her a hard time while trying to feed. I could already tell that stress had gotten to my wife, so she had this air of stress and anxiety around her. The baby kept getting more and more agitated. I finally step in, being that I was the relaxed one, and I started to calmly feed the baby. She was happy again and willing to eat.

Another example (this one happens a lot); sometimes putting the baby to sleep can be a bit stressful…especially when you’re tired and sleepy too. Babies get crankier as they get more tired. If my wife had a rough day or is already stressed, she ends up having a really hard time putting the baby to sleep. She’ll position the baby from one side to the other trying to find a comfortable spot. But the stress of my wife clearly shows and therefore transfers to the baby. Again I step in, relaxed and calm, then the baby slowly calms down and falls asleep.

I know what you’re thinking….it’s because you’re awesome. You might be right.  No, trust me it happens to the best of us. It’s happen to me on many occasions, especially if I’ve had rough day with the baby already. If the baby is cranky or tired, the best person to take care of the situation is the person who is the most calm at that moment. If you are alone, you have to find ways to calm yourself down first.  Just imagine those parents that are yelling at their children because they are crying. Would you calm down if someone is yelling at you? So why would you think a baby would? I say, you are the parent and you are supposed to be in control during the situation. It doesn’t help anyone to lose your cool and start taking it out on the baby…a baby who doesn’t understand what they are doing wrong.

Obi Wan never had to yell at Darth Vader. He kept cool the whole time. That’s the Force. I have it…you have it. We all are capable of being Jedi’s. I’m a Jedi. Don’t try to convince me that I’m not.

May the Force be with You


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    03/01/2012 11:56 am

    I am very proud of you Wesley. I love you Jessica.

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