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My Youngest Boss Ever


When I used to think about a grandiose career in filmmaking, I would always try to map out a direction to take that would get me there. Since there is no “corporate ladder” in directing, I had to find a way “in”. One thing I always told myself is that I wouldn’t be a personal assistant. I believe it doesn’t get you anywhere in the industry. Running meaningless errands and doing anything that is asked of you, it’s degrading.   I understand the hope is that you will be “connected” or that person you’re assisting will give you a shot. I’ve had many people tell me that it’s not the way to go.  It’s too bad that I ended up being a personal assistant anyway….and she’s not “connected”. She doesn’t know anyone in the industry. Spielberg doesn’t know her. Scorsese? Never heard of her. She makes me do the most degrading stuff imaginable; wipe her butt, feed her, allow her to spit-up on everyone of my shirts, etc. She might be one year old, but this is the life I chose.

My daughter is the youngest boss I’ve ever had. Whatever she says goes….and she can’t even talk.  I’m “on call” 24/7.  I’m lucky if I get a break. If she needs me, I come running. Perfect example; a few minutes ago I sat down to have a bowl of oatmeal. It smelled good. As soon as I’m about to take a bite, my daughter starts crying in her crib. Looking at the video monitor, I notice she is uncomfortable and needs my help to sleep. So, of course, I go help her out. That’s the life of a parent. You put aside what you need and help your child first.

I tailor everything I do around what my baby needs. To me, it just became instinctual. I know and can sense when she is tired, hungry, needs a change of diaper, etc. I also know about how long I have to do certain chores. Now, I’m in no way talking about spoiling her with things I know she shouldn’t have. I’m talking about catering to her needs. I believe it’s what every good parent does. I try to model myself from good parents I’ve seen or read about. It can be hard at times. Especially when you’re tired or sick, but her needs come first than yours. (Actually, I’m sick right now and she happens to be sick as well. Of course I would love to relax all day and sleep it off but I can’t because my child needs help too. She comes before me.)

It’s a principal that I believe every parent should have, especially stay-at-home parents. It can get frustrating. Like when you’re half asleep and they are crying. You want to scream. But what helps me is telling myself “it’s not her fault. Don’t take out your frustrations on her.” That’s why some parents lash out at their kids. Sometimes you have to step back, relax, and approach the situation again. I’m nowhere near perfect, so there are times that I’m very frustrated but I’m strong enough to hold back and take care of the need. They’re need comes before your need.

It makes me laugh sometimes when people think…”you have all the time in the world” or “just work on stuff when she’s sleeping”. I’ve even heard the “I wish I had your life, you have it so easy”. Anyone that says that has probably never been a stay at home parent.  Even now as I type this, I know I have about 15 minutes to finish and prepare her next meal before she wakes. When they sleep, it’s sometimes the busiest you get because you are rushing to do everything you can’t do when they are awake.

So how do I get any productivity done? Like this. I rush to do what I need and when she wakes it’s time to put what I’m working on away. It’s hard sometimes and she can be a hard boss. She runs a pretty tight ship.  And sure she can’t get me to Spielberg or Scorsese. She also doesn’t pay me well…but when I see her laughing/smiling and developing well, that’s enough for me to want to “go back to work” the next day.

CRAP…the boss is up…gotta go!


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